Screenplay Competition Readers

The 2017 DCFF Short Screenplay Competition is now accepting submissions! All scripts received by the final June 2nd deadline will be read by at least three readers (including DCFF Executive Director, Emily Alm). Thank you to this year’s reader panel!

Kristi Simkins
Kristi L. Simkins is an award-winning screenwriter and director, whose screenplays have received high marks at many acclaimed screenwriting competitions including the BlueCat Screenplay Competition. During the Your Big Break international filmmaking competition, in which her film, SOMETHING SPECIAL, was a finalist, she had the great honor of working with Academy Award-winning producer, Barrie Osborne (Lord of the Rings), who served as executive producer on her film.
PersephoneVandegriftSmallerBPersephone Vandegrift
Persephone is a multi award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, and playwright. She is the writer, co-director, and co-executive producer of her first short award-winning ALL THINGS HIDDEN, and writer/co-producer of award-winning THE LAST LIGHT short film. Her feature, short, and TV scripts have won multiple awards in both national and international contests. Besides film, she also writes and produces for the stage, teaches creative writing, and she is an internationally published fiction writer and poet. She currently has two feature scripts and a TV series in development. For more information on Persephone's upcoming projects, please visit